September 9, 2013

GUEST POST: Easy Decorating Tip For Cupcakes

 Happy Monday Friends! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today we have my lovely friend Weiya from Enjoyer of Grace sharing an easy way to decorate and dress up store bought cupcakes. Enjoy!!

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Hi dear Cinsarah readers! My name is Weiya from Enjoyer of Grace. I am so honored to be guest posting here today on Cindy's lovely blog! Thank you so much for having me!

Last week, I saw this cute video posted by Joy and was inspired to try out one of her fun cupcake decorating tips! I'm sure you all have a few friends who think cupcakes are their very own food group and would happily eat it every meal if they could. What an easy way this would be to bring a smile to their face if they ever need a little extra TLC!

*sidenote: Some of these shown above were decorated by me and some by a good friend of mine that I had over that day. :) Thanks, Ruth!

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  1. Such a fun project! Thanks for sharing! Both of you ;)

  2. This is so cool!x

  3. So sorry for just now commenting. Been a long week! Thanks for having me, Cindy! :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday last week.


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