May 17, 2013

Big Fat Fail

   So the whole blogging everyday in May thing....yeah I FAILED! I haven't blogged once this week and the whole reason why I'm even blogging today is just to let everyone know I haven't fogotten my blog! I've just been too busy this week. I know people always say "this week went by so fast" you hear it so often that it sometimes gets annoying but well SERIOUSLY this week went by way too fast! I mean it's already Friday! So I'm sorry I let you down but well that's how things go when you're a mom. Unexpected things happen and well the blog is and will remain my hobby and this week I just didn't have time for it. This photo of Sarah is not the best... I tried doing a mini shoot this week and she was just not feeling it so that's the only picture I have to show you all. I'll try again next week! (both blogging everyday and another mini shoot) Hope you all have a lovely weekend friends! Enjoy it with your family! Time is PRECIOUS! :)

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