August 15, 2012

First Baby Purchase & A Story..

  So on Monday night we made our very first purchase for baby #3! We have absolutely NOTHING for this baby because after we had my daughter, I thought we were done! So we have no baby stuff and have to basically start from scratch. Well last month I was browsing around and I saw that Zulily  was having an event on phil&teds strollers. I had heard of phil&teds before but never cared to research anything. I saw the Smart stroller and loved it's sleek look so I did some research on it, looking for reviews and such and fell even more in love. At that time I didn't have enough to purchase it so I thought maybe next time! Well they just had another even last week but it was for double strollers and I sent them an e-mail asking when they would be having another event. They replied by saying I could subscribe to phil&teds updates by clicking the little heart after searching for the brand on their site... that's exactly what I did! Ever since then I have been typing phil&teds on their little search bar hoping to find out when their next event would be. Well on Monday night I did just that and guess what popped up?!! They had a Smart Bundle available! JUST ONE! I told my husband and after seeing such an awesome discount ($100) I knew I HAD to get it! Here it is after I purchased it...
I am SO EXCITED! "It's as if it was meant for me" I told my husband after purchasing it! What are the chances of there being JUST ONE bundle available on a Monday night after I had been searching all last week to find nothing! I can't wait to receive it! I have purchased items through Zulily before and have been VERY satisfied! If you would like to join Zulily (it's FREE!) just click here. Just to let you know: I will get $20 if you sign up and make a purchase. So if you buy yourself something you can also gift me something too! :) I will need it! LOL 


  1. Super fun purchase! I did the same thing after our second, so with our third we sort of started from scratch. More fun that way since so much had changed anyway!

  2. Hi dear.
    This is the cutest stuff I have ever read . This is so alive picture .Memorizing my old days. Thank you for sharing


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