August 21, 2012

Baby Boy

   As you all know by now, we are expecting a baby boy! We are super excited! I had a super strong feeling it was a boy and so did my husband. We both prayed for a baby boy but overall we pray for a healthy baby. Well God is so good! He is a boy and everything looks perfect. He is growing just as he should. Here are a couple more pictures from last week's shoot...
So we bought balloons with helium and the plan was to have them all fly up as the kids opened the box but well my daughter had other plans! lol She had a little meltdown and didn't want to participate so I'm glad we kept the balloon on string or else we wouldn't have had any reveal pictures to share with you all. Her little meltdown worked out perfectly though because it seem's like she is upset that she's not having a sister. She did want a baby sister but not that bad. Here are pictures of my son's reaction...
and the unplanned reaction of my daughter...
Here is an ultrasound picture (I cropped it on purpose)...
Isn't he just precious?! 
We have chosen the name...
Levi means "Joined in Harmony"
Asher means "Blessed, Happy"

We can't wait to meet baby Levi! 


  1. That is an awesome name! Again congratulations on the little boy. Our boys will be really close in age :)

  2. Oh yea! I guessed Levi :) I'm a good guesser, I love that name! Congrats!

  3. Beautiful name Cindy!! He's so cute already :)

  4. Love your daughters reaction! That is awesome! Priceless moment to capture!

  5. hahahaha your daughter is going to be so embarrassed by those photos some day! I really really love the name levi. It is on the top of my list!

    congrats to you and your family!

  6. Congratulations Cindy on your little boy! He looks precious. I just wanted you to know I posted "Silver Drop" on my blog today. Thanks again for submitting it and have a great day!

  7. Seriously LOVE these pictures! My husband and I seriously CRACKED UP for a solid 5 minutes with your daughters reaction - we thought she was truly upset about having a baby brother! :) So so so precious! Hahah. CONGRATULATIONS (and I love the name!!)

  8. The reaction from your daughter is adorable, even if it's more of a little meltdown than upset over a brother. Cute photo idea!


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