August 2, 2012

Boy or Girl? (Baby Names)

 As you all know we are expecting baby #3! I am 16 weeks now and time is going by super fast! In about 3 weeks we will find out the sex of the baby. I have a super strong feeling it is a boy but we will find out in a couple weeks. We already have a boy name picked out but no girl name. Here is a list of names for boys that we both like and girl names I like because my husband seems to hate all the names I mention for girls! lol Let's see if you all can try to figure out which boy name we have already picked out from this list. I don't know why but my husband and I ALWAYS agree on boy names right away but NEVER on girl names! My son's name is Joshua and I have always loved that name so it was great that my husband agreed with me. Well when we were expecting baby #2 (my daughter Sarah) We both agreed on the name Ethan for a boy but it turned out to be a girl so it really took months to finally agree on a girl name! I didn't like Sarah in the beginning but it grew on me and I absolutely love the meaning of the name Sarah which is "princess" so I am so glad we chose that name. We have a baby boy named picked out already and we've been even calling the baby by that name which is sort of crazy because what if it turns out to be a girl? Anywho here is the list...
Do you all have any girl name suggestions? We like Biblical/Hebrew names so there's not very many pretty girl ones out there like there is for boys but I might have missed one or two while looking through names. What are your children's names and meanings? How did you come about naming your children?
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  1. my husband's name is levi..I love that name ;)...and nathan too

  2. Oh man! I love the name Asher (I am adding that to our list!) So cute! We have way more boys names than girls names as well - and we don't agree on any of them! I posted my list on the blog a week or so ago - xoxox

  3. I think Jonah is a great name and compliments the names of your current two little ones. I have a daughter her name is Nevonne Jeanne and I am currently 30 wks pregnant with another little girl. I love unisex names so my two options on the table are Rhyann and Sydney with Danielle or Daniella for a middle name.

  4. Levi is such a cute name :) I love Noah too. For a girl... a couple of cute Christian ones I like & their meanings are Olive (fruitfulness, beauty, dignity) & Shiloh (peace, his gift).

  5. Hi! My boy is called Daniel (God is my judge) Joseph (He adds). Some Biblical girl names are Deborah, Keren (Jobs daughter) and even the female counterpart of the male: Daniela, Gabrielle or Gabriela, Elia, Michaella, Joelle, Mattea. I hope this gives you a few ideas. :)

  6. Jonah for boy and Hannah for girl is the best and very unique name that shows the special personality of the baby boy or girl.


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