February 23, 2012

Pamela's AWESOME Bedroom Makeover!

Ok guys I have nothing to post today! Boo! I have been SUPER busy working on the kids rooms, catching up on design work, doing laundry & responding to e-mails! It's been a crazy week so I apologize for my absence this week! Today my lovely friend Pamela revealed her BEAUTIFUL bedroom makeover and you HAVE TO check it out!! It's GORGEOUS! I Absolutely love EVERY single detail! I've been following her along with each and every single detail she has shared of her room. From the beautiful stenciled curtains to the trunk makeover and today she decided to reveal the complete bedroom makeover...
I absolutely love it! Can you tell!?! I am using way to many exclamation points!! :D
 You must visit PB&J Stories to view the rest of the room!
BTW can you see her beautiful blog on her computer screen? I just updated her blog with a new look! :)
Doesn't it match perfectly with her bedroom? Love it! 

Anywho I'm not sure I will have a post tomorrow but be ready for next week when I reveal either my son's or daughter's room! (depending on which one we finish first) Oh and ARE YOU EXCITED FOR MARCH?! Why? Because beginning March 5th we are having our HUGE GROUP BLOGAVERSARY GIVEAWAY WEEK!!! (Oh my goodness so much excitement in one post!) I will be sharing hints next week of our participants on Facebook so make sure you are following me on facebook so you don't miss out on any giveaway updates! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Love you! Thank you for the feature!!!! You're the best


  2. I saw it earlier, I already told Pamela how amazing I thought it was. This is so sweet of you to give her a shout out, this room does deserve it though. :)

  3. I know right? I love it too. Hopefully my bedroom make over turns out half as nice :)

  4. Ahhhh I love it!! I am running over there to see the rest of the pictures right now! (And to follow her- I definitely want to check out more of her blog in the future- she's obviously amazing!!!)

    btw I tagged you in a little questionnaire game on my blog- here's the link if you get a chance to play along. No worries if you don't though- it sounds like you've been busy! :)

    everything about it is perfect!


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