August 12, 2015

Sarah's Bedroom

We have finally finished one of the rooms in our new home. Sarah's new room is bigger than the one she shared with her baby brother in our first home. I had so much fun working on her room. Tons of pink and gold everywhere! This is what her room looked like the day we purchased the house.
and this is what it looks like now...
We removed all of the popcorn ceilings, added new flooring, fresh paint and a new ceiling fan. I wanted to bring back the color scheme I used in her room at first in our previous home. I actually re-used a lot of the decor and furniture and just added some finishing touches here and there to make it her own. She is LOVING her new room. It's pink and gold and very Sarah. I feel her room reflects her personality very well.
I created a little reading center for her on the wall alongside her bed. She loves books and often asks me to read to her. I had my husband hang the same IKEA spice racks we had for her previous room along this wall to display some of her favorite books and the rest are in a basket next to her thrifted rocking chair. 
Here is another before picture of her room facing the closet. This room was an ugly shade of green. 
We haven't painted the closet doors yet but now that the room is finished I don't mind the green doors at all, I am sure we will paint them someday but for now they will do. As you can see a lot of the decor from her previous room is here like the Jesus Loves Me Art that my friend Pamela made and the thrifted globe (my fave!).
I shared the gallery wall with you all yesterday. You can find the free printables there as well. As you can see our doors are still the original wood doors which will be replaced one day. I am planning to paint the dollhouse. That is one of the projects on my to-do list but for now she plays with it as is.
I love walking into Sarah's room to see her playing there. She loves all of the space, space she didn't have before in her old room. 
We are working hard to finish Joshua + Levi's shared room and our Master Bedroom. Those will be up on the blog soon!

Ceiling Fan |  Hunter Fan Co - Sonic
Gold Polka Dots | 3" Amazon
Floral Garlands | Target Clearance
Bed | Hand me down from my little sister
Bedding | Kate Spain Kaleo 
Pillows | striped is from TJMaxx and yellow Lacey Placey 
Nightstand | Target Clearance
Lamp | Target Clearance
Plant + Pot | Plant from IKEA and Pot is thrifted
Curtains | IKEA - Matilda
Curtain Rod | IKEA - Hugad and gold finials
White Storage Chest | Thrifted
Kitchen + Dollhouse | Thrifted
READ letters | Target painted gold
Gallery Wall | Info + Printables here

Leave me a comment with any questions in case I missed anything. 



  1. It looks amazing!! I really really love it. Also I saw that target lamp and almost bought it, then decided against it. Now I wish I had!! Ah well :)

    1. Thank you Courtney! I almost didn't buy the lamp and didn't even think about it going in Sarah's room but when I got home I gave it a try and loved it! :)

  2. Oh my gosh this is adorable! I love it. I want to redo Brylee's room now!!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  3. Her room is beautiful! My daughter's room is also pink and gold. I love those colors together because I think it can work for a girl of any age! I especially love what you did with the floral garlands on the wall - beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sherri! I agree, pink and gold work for any age. The garlands were a lucky Target clearance find, I almost didn't buy them but I am so glad I did! :)

  4. I love the polka dots on her wall! I just ordered the same ones. Did you follow any sort of pattern or just randomly place on the wall?

  5. I love the gold polka dots on her wall! I just ordered the same ones for my daughter's room. Did you follow any sort of pattern or just randomly place them?

  6. ...and now I want to re-do my daughter's bedroom. hahaha


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