August 25, 2015

Dollhouse Makeover

Sarah's Dollhouse got a little makeover. I found this wooden dollhouse at our local goodwill for just $7.99 back when we were working on our home. It was in storage for a while and then I finally brought it into her room and worked on it. I painted it pink so it could match her room and updated the trim with with paint. Sarah and I had fun working on this project together. Here is what it looked like the day I bought it.
Here is what the inside looks like now...
I painted the walls gray and used scrapbook paper for the floors. I used modge podge for the first time on the floors and loved it. The top floor is the bedroom. My sister had bought her a furniture set that included beds and I made the blankets out of an old short I had. I also bought the IKEA dollhouse furniture set and used the rug and shelves for the bedroom.
I cut out frames from the IKEA catalog and we taped them on to the walls to form a small gallery wall. I spray painted the table and chairs gold because they were an ugly purple color.
Sarah loved her fresh new dollhouse. We both painted the outside together and she helped me arrange all of the furniture. Our main home might not be complete but at least Barbie's is ;)


  1. I love this dollhouse! I like that it's simple, but well thought-out. I'm filing this away for down the road when my girl is old enough to play with dollhouses! I love that you used scrapbook paper for the floor, and thought to cut pictures out of the catalog for the gallery wall! It's the little touches :)

    1. Thank you Sherri! I love simple design so I implemented that into this dollhouse. I first painted the floors and they looked awful so I came up with the scrapbook paper idea to cover it up and I loved how it turned out :)

    2. So, cute! I love the colors! Reminds me when I had Barbie's dream house, but this looks like more fun!


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