December 17, 2014

Joshua's Outdoorsy Camp Bedroom

Joshua's room is one of the rooms in the house that I was itching to makeover for some time now. This is a small room so it has always been kind of hard to decorate it since a full sized bed took over most of the space. Joshua has always wanted a bunk bed so my husband decided to build it for him and WOW he did an awesome job! The bunk bed takes up WAY less space and it looks perfect in his new room. You can find the design board I put together and before photos of his room here
I created a little reading nook for Josh in the space the next to the bunk bed. I REALLY wanted to get him a teepee but like I said, this is a small room and a teepee would just not fit. Josh loves his reading nook!
I actually want to stain this small dresser in the same color as the bunk bed but we've been so busy that we haven't had a chance to, but it will get done... someday! This will work for now... 
I can't believe his room is finally complete! Just a couple weeks ago is room looked like this...
Josh is loving his new outdoorsy room, he loves sleeping on the top bunk. It's extra special because his daddy built it. I will post more details of the room including paint color and sources on the blog tomorrow so make sure to check back for that. 


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