July 22, 2014

Our New Dining Room

Those of you who have been following me on Instagram for some time now know my husband had the whole month of December (2013) off so I made a list of DIY projects for him to do and guess what? He did two of them! They are both in our dinning room. I posted our DIY Chalkboard Planked Wall earlier this year and today I'm sharing the rest of the dining room including the gorgeous farmhouse table he built us. I was having a hard time picking out the perfect dining chairs so I had you guys help me here. I finally decided on the IKEA INGOLF chairs but we didn't purchase them until just last month. I am loving our new dining room! Especially because of the table my husband built! Isn't it GORGEOUS?

This is what our dining room looked like last year...
I love looking back and seeing all of the progress we've been making to our little home. We still have TONS left to do but little by little we have been making it our own. 


  1. what a huge transformation! seriously, I love it! Looks like magazine material!

  2. I love it. Very talented hubby you have there!!

  3. That table is beautiful! I would love to have a farmhouse table someday :)

  4. Holy moly! That is fantastic! He is very talented, the table is gorgeous. It's very modern and open. I really like the color scheme. :)


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