June 6, 2014

Freebie Friday June - Donuts

Happy first Friday of June! This is a special month for us because it's my husband's Birthday month and our Anniversary month.. oh and Father's day too! It's also a good month or day I should say because it's National Donut Day today! In case you haven't already seen it all around your Instagram feed and/or Facebook and Twitter then let me be the first to tell you... Happy National Donut Day! Let's celebrate by changing our iPhone Backgrounds to a donut shall we? I created a couple different iPhone backgrounds so you have a variety to pick from...
To Install: Just click and save on to your desktop and e-mail the image to yourself. Open it up and save to your camera roll. When installing your background make sure to turn the zoom OFF and zoom it out so that it looks like this...
Then click SET and you've got yourself a pretty new background or lock screen!
Love donuts? Why not leave it on all month long? 

I would LOVE to see you using my design so if you post it on IG (@cinsarah) or Twitter (@cinsarahblog) please make sure to tag me and use hashtag #cinsarah Also if you haven't voted for Levi already for the Parents Magazine Cover contest PLEASE vote for him HERE. You can vote once a day until this Sunday. I would LOVE you forver! <3

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend friends!

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