June 23, 2014

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper - Mini Closet Makeover

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Last week I spent the entire week working on this project. I have been wanting to makeover our closet for quite some time especially now that we are remodeling our bathroom. Our closet is in our bathroom so of course it needed a makeover as well. Our budget for this mini makeover was not very big especially since the bathroom remodel is turning out to be quite expensive and it's been draining our savings but I knew I wanted to do something different. Thankfully all it took was some paint and a Sharpie...
I went to Michael's a couple weeks ago and picked up Sharpie paint pens. I've been wanting to wallpaper something with a Sharpie ever since I saw Mandi from Vintage Revival's Sharpie wallpaper masterpiece. I wanted to try to do something a little different so I kept trying to figure out a pattern to do when on a recent trip to Target I spotted this beauty...

It was perfect! I got home and practiced the pattern on a piece of paper. I initially thought about making a stencil out of cardboard but then thought it would be easier to just do it by hand. Sure it wouldn't be perfect but I kinda like the un-perfect look.
Our closet was a beige color so I painted it white so that it could brighten the small dark room and so that the sharpie pattern could stand out. I am VERY pleased with the utcome. Halfway through the project I was not liking it and thought about doing something else but once everything came together I fell in love. 
It was a bit hard drawing on textured walls which is another reason I'm glad I free-handed it. I would have been stressed out trying to stencil the walls, making sure everything was perfectly aligned. This way I didn't stress, I just drew. It was actually pretty therapeutic. Like doodling on a LARGE piece of paper. 
We switched out the old bulb light and my husband installed a mason jar pendant to match the ones in our bathroom. I will post a detailed tutorial on the blog soon.
I hope my post motivates you to go pull out your Sharpies and get doodling on your walls or at least to organize your closet :) If you don't like the outcome then you can just paint over it! I actually painted over two of the patterns because they were pretty bad and I re-did them the next day. Just make sure to use the water based paint markers so that you can easily paint over your design if you need to. It doesn't have to be perfect! There's beauty in imperfection ;)


  1. Love it! I am obsessed with simple wallpaper and wall art right now.

  2. WOW! That looks amazing.

  3. Holy cow. I would have never thought to spruce up my closet space like this. It's so awesome though! *off to add another thing to the never ending home improvement list*

  4. Hi - I just popped over from your Instagram to get a better look at your project. Great job. I'm a new follower from SITS.

  5. Great job with the sharpie!!! I wasn't aware of the wallpaper sharpie, super cute and the closet looks fabulous.

  6. oh my goodness! I love it! this makes me wanna give my closet a make-over! :) thanks for the idea! So does the sharpie come off?

  7. I like the Sharpie "wallpaper" and the jar light. And I LOVE that you have all wood hangers. That's someth that's on my To-Do list one day. Do you mind sharing where you got yours from?


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