May 16, 2014

Five on Friday - Favorite Places

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing FIVE of my favorite places and what I love about them. Oh and this is NOT a sponsored post by the way! LOL I really love these places so much that I am blogging about them just because. Not that any of them would pay me to do it anyway... 

ONE// Target
Who doesn't LOVE Target, right? I love it all. From the dollar section to the clearance sections. Target is my happy place. You can always find something. I have never left target empty handed. Ever. So when my husband tells me "let's just go look" I'd rather not. I'd rather stay home. I even bought my new iPhone at Target! I got a great Mother's Day deal. I love that you can use the Cartwheel app + The Target app to save some extra bucks. I have yet to get the Target Red Card. I always forget my blank check. Do you have the Red Card? Do you love it? 
TWO// Chick-fil-a
My perfect day consists of a trip to Target and then lunch at Chick-fil-a and guess what? I have both of them about 5 miles away from my home. I don't ever want to move! lol I'm kidding...I think. I used to always get the same thing: #1 with lettuce and tomato (no cheese) large fries (with chick-fil-a sauce of course!) and a sweet tea. Ever since they came out with their new salads though I have a new favorite or favorites. I visit Chick-fil-a at least once a week. I love their Market + Cobb salads. I get one on one trip and then change it to the other on the next. I still get my large fries and chick-fil-a sauce though. It's not a good lunch without them.
If you've ever been to my house then you know I love IKEA. It's everywhere! From my dishes to my frames. I love Ikea and just like Target I can't go in without coming out with something. The AS IS section is my fave! I have an IKEA pretty close by but I don't go often because that means trouble for the wallet and trouble with the hubby. lol I'm thinking of making a trip to IKEA soon though so I can purchase a couple goodies for our bathroom remodel.
FOUR// Whole Foods
Oh I love Whole Foods! We used to go every week and then our HEB started carrying tons more organic for a cheaper price but I still love Whole Foods. I love walking in there because everything is so pretty! Plus their food is SO GOOD! I don't go often but when I do I feel good except when I'm at the register getting my total. lol I still love you Whole Foods! 
I've also got an H&M nearby that I visit about once in a blue moon because just like all the others I want to buy it all. I love H&M and their awesome prices. They've got such cute + trendy clothes for the whole family at an affordable price.

That's it! What are your favorite places? 


  1. Target and CFA! YES! I loooove H&M as well but we don't have one remotely close to us. Same with IKEA and Whole Foods.

    Starbuck's is my happy place :)

  2. Yay! Target and CFA! They are less than a minute apart where I live! We often go to CFA and then to Target!

  3. I can exchange Whole Foods for Trader Joes / Chick filla for Chipotle and It could be me who wrote this post!!! Please remember your blank check, the red card means 5% every time and free shipping for every online purchase!
    You have great taste! hehehe...

  4. Oh, the fun we would have together! Some of my most favorite places too!


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