May 14, 2014

Five Basic Potty Training Tips

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Potty training is an exciting milestone, but often a long journey that takes commitment. It was one of the hardest things for me. I didn't have a very good experience with my first (Joshua), I started potty training him WAY before he was ready. There is so much I didn't know that I wish I would have researched. Thankfully things went so much smoother with #2 (Sarah) because I followed her leads. Levi just turned one and I feel so much more relaxed now and ready for when his time comes. I shared that I went to Houston a couple weeks ago for a Huggies Pull-Ups Luncheon and how I learned so many tips from lots of wonderful ladies. I'm sharing my own tips along with some I learned from our luncheon with you all today.

There is no perfect age or time to begin the potty training process. Potty train your child when he/she is ready. This is the biggest mistake I committed with my first. I began the potty training process when Joshua turned two because that was "the perfect" age and most moms I knew were either potty training their kiddos at age two or were already done. Let me tell you that just because little Timmy or Sally is two and already potty trained doesn't mean your child is ready or needs to be. If you potty train your child before he/she is ready you might scare him/her off and they will have a negative concept of the whole thing. This happened to me with Josh. It took a WHOLE YEAR to finally get him potty trained. I didn't even stress it with Sarah. I bought her a potty and told her that she was a big girl and that it would be sitting there when she was ready and felt she needed to use it. Things went SO MUCH smoother. I felt so much more relaxed. So keep an eye on your kiddo and look for their cues and potty training should go a lot smoother. Not sure whether you kiddo is ready? You can use Pull-Ups Readiness Test and it will help you determine whether it's time to potty train or whether you should wait a little longer.

Make sure you have the right tools to begin your potty training process. Number one of course is a potty. Sure a simple potty will do but if it's got features like a flushing noise or a cute design (cars, princesses, etc..) then they're more likely to use it. The other tool you need are training pants. Huggies Pull-Ups are the best! We used these for both Josh + Sarah. Pull-ups have stretchy sides that allow your child to learn the skill up pulling up and down. They also have these cool cartoons on them. I used to buy ones that have a cooling sensation when you have an accident in your training pants. You can also find a big kid prep list on the Pull-Ups website.

If your kiddo has an accident make sure to reassure them that mistakes happen and it's OK but we need to try again. You don't want to yell at your child and freak them out or else they won't want to go again. Using encouraging and reassuring words will help your child want to continue even when he/she has an accident.

When you begin the potty training process it is good to let your family and friends know. Especially those who help watch your kiddo so that everyone is on board and encouraging your child in this new stage in their life. There's nothing worse that making progress at home and then having your kiddo regress because grandma didn't know he/she was being potty trained and put a diaper on your child.

Their first flush is something to celebrate! Your baby is growing up! Whether you have a special book to read when they're on the potty or create a song. It's nice to have something that will motivate them to want to be consistent. We had a book that we loved and always kept right next to the potty to read when it was time to go. Once your kiddo goes then celebrate! Sing a little song, do a little dance or a simple high five will encourage them along the way.There are all kind of reward systems for potty training. One that worked very well for us was the sticker chart. You create a chart and then place a sticker on the day of the week for every time they use the potty. If your child goes at least once each day, they can pick out a prize at the end of the week. Pull-ups has a great free personalized printable chart that you can create here.

Potty training can be hard but when you see your child going all by themself it will all be worth it. Plus you don't have to spend anymore money on diapers! Hooray! I hope these tips are helpful for those of you who are either going to begin your potty training journey or have already begun but have had a hard time. You can find a lot more info and tips on the Pull-Ups Website. They have a lot of great resources that will help your process go so much smoother. 

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