August 16, 2011

My First (or Second) Spray Paint Project

    Spray paint is sort of new to me, I remember my mom spray painting things while growing up but never have I spray painted something myself. So while in the clearance section of wal-mart one day I found a little can of spray paint in a lovely shade of blue {indigo}. It is Rust-Oleum's Satin Enamel Spray in Indigo to be exact and it was mark-downed from $4.77 to $3.00! 

So of course I added it to the cart! This was my chance to try spray painting something myself! Funny thing I was carded while buying this spray paint, I didn't know you had to be 18 to buy spray paint and I'm not under age but I guess sometimes people think I'm younger than I am and sometimes they freak out when I tell them I already have 2 kids ha! Anyways back to the spray paint, so I bought my first can!! yay!! This is actually the second thing I've spray painted, the first were some frames from the dollar store that I plan on using for a gallery wall for the living room which Idk when that will happen but it's on the {to-do list}.  I found this letter in the dollar section of Target for $2.50 and thought it would be cute in my bedroom except the black didn't fit in very well with all the whites and blues in my room. So I took out my handy dandy spray paint bottle and painted it...
   I love my new M {which is the first letter of our last name}! To be honest though It isn't perfect, neither are my frames, I guess I have tons to learn still about spray painting and technique! I still love it though and my frames! :) What do you think? What was your first spray paint project? I would love to hear about it! :) 

  BTW I have reached 100 "likers" on FB!!! well 101 to be exact! I will be having a giveaway soon. Maybe not this week because I am still catching up with Heartsy orders and past giveaway winners but I promise it will be soon!! :)

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  1. It turned out so great! Love the color!

    Did you know that we totally share the same anniversary?? We are destined to be friends I guess. :)

    Congrats on all your Heartsy orders. That is so exciting!

  2. It looks awesome! Not bad for a first timer :b And what a pretty shade of blue! And that's funny about being carded ... I recently bought 2 cans at Walmart and was taken aback when they asked to see my ID as well. I'm in my mid-twenties, with a 5 yr old ... but I look rather young too LOL.

  3. Oh...I am spray paint-obsessed. You will get hooked! So many things look better spray painted! I love the color you chose.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm enjoying reading yours too! {I just "liked" your Facebook page!} :) Blogger wouldn't let me "follow" your blog right now, but I'll keep trying. Great job on the spray paint! Beautiful colors! :)

  5. M is my favourite letter too :) the power of spray paint great job


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