August 1, 2011

Garage Sale Finds & Suggestions Please

I don't have any projects to show you all! boo!! I have soooo many ideas but all of them 
require spending from a little to a lot of money and money is an issue right now since we
 just had to purchase a whole new AC unit for our home which was not planned 
especially coming home from vacation where we just spent almost all we had saved. 
Ok I will stop with the pity party! lol I want to show you some of the awesome finds 
I found (lol) at a garage sale a couple weeks ago..

I found some cute baskets, if you know me you know I LOVE baskets!!
Two of them I used as you saw in one of my previous posts 
for my cubby hole temporary fix...

and a smaller matching one I used to 
hold books in my kids' room...
btw that table was a thrift store find. My dad found it for $10 at a thrift store
and painted it for the nursery when I was preggers with my son. I love that little table! 

And Last but Definitely Not Least....

I saw these frames and fell in love!! I am not to crazy about the inside paintings

my husband likes them and I think they are ok but the frames I LOVE...

I got these for $2/ea.!! You can still see the stickers on them. And here is 
the suggestion part of the title.... What do you suggest I do with these pretties?
I don't want to paint them but I am debating wether to keep the art or maybe replace the 
art with mirrors? what would you do? I don't want to ruin them!! please help!!!
Also where would you hang them? I don't know if I want them in the dinning room,
living room or bedroom? btw thanks for your suggestion on the cubby hole dilemma!
 I am going to use them soon! I hope! lol 


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