April 21, 2011

One Shoulder Polka Dotted Top

I had initially bought this fabric to use as a contrast for my daughter's birthday dress but when the fabric arrived (purchased on Etsy) it didn't really match with the fabric I already had. Then I remembered I had seen and loved this tutorial on Prudent Baby's website on a one shoulder dress and thought "I should totally make that!" except I only had half a yard of fabric so instead of a dress I "tried" making a one shoulder top and I do mean "tried" because it didn't come out to be exactly as I thought it would. Agh! I didn't cut the ruffled strip on top in the right size so I kind of messed that part up and I was about to give up but thought it might just look cute enough without the strip. And as I am still not a sewing pro some of the stitching is crooked, particularly under the straps area so what did I do? I made a rosette (yes another one!) and used a safety pin so it would not be permanent in case my little miss decides to yank it off just like she did with the tank dress I made. So here is what her little one shoulder top looks like:

Here is a close up:

I showed the top to my husband and the first thing he said was "another rosette! you really love rosettes don't you?" lol I rosetted him out when I made my rosette pillow, and then again when I added a rosette to the tank dress. I guess I do love rosettes, they are both easy and fun to make! So, the top was not exactly what I envisioned but it's pretty cute if I do say so myself. I am just glad I didn't waste this fabric and got some good use out of it. Now I have made a total of two clothing items for my daughter yay! I am on my way to creating a wardrobe! I know I am a dreamer! Making this top was a little frustrating I'm not gonna lie but I am a newbie and hopefully with time it won't be so frustrating and hopefully one day I will get  a new sewing machine, and a serger, and a cute little organized space with all of my materials and machines for sewing and crafting. Ahhh There I go dreaming again...

So what do you think about the one shoulder top? rosette or no rosette? 
Are you a big fan of rosettes like me?

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  1. I'm so impressed your husband knows what a rosette is! Very cute, love the green print.

  2. He does now! lol and thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  3. Cuteee!! I would love to have one for my daughter. Wish I know how to sew!


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