April 7, 2015

We Bought A House! - Before Pictures

I'm still letting it all sink in. Within a month we sold our first family home and bought our second. It's amazing, God is very very good! The day we signed on the new house, Omar and I sat outside just admiring it all, completely in awe of the new place God had given us. We always talked about owning land with lots of trees one day but never did we imagine it becoming a reality so soon. 
Our new home sits on two acres. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. It is a 2,200 sqft home which is way bigger than our previous. I still can't believe it! The house is an older house which means it needs a lot of work but it is beautiful and has tons and tons of potential and features you don't see anymore in new homes. 

As you may know (from following me on insta) the house doesn't look like this anymore. We hired out most of the work so that we could move in as soon as possible and I've been sharing the process on instagram using #cinsarahhome

Alright let's get down to the pictures now shall we? 
The back of house
Our new big backyard
This is the main entrance
formal dining room
living room
One of the things I fell in love about this house is this stone wall fireplace!
This section is an addition to the house. It used to be the patio which is why there is that open window from the kitchen. We already opened up that wall in the back to connect it to the laundry room. You can find photos on instagram.
breakfast area
laundry room/utility closet right next to the garage
hall bathroom
view from hall bath
 Bedroom One (Sarah's new room)
Bedroom Two (Josh + Levi's new room)
Master Bath/Dressing Area
Master Bedroom
All the popcorn and wallpaper are gone! Painting is being done this week and hopefully flooring next week and then we can finally move in and continue to work on it once we are all settled in. I can't wait to start showing some after pictures on here soon. Meanwhile you can keep up with our progress on instagram here


  1. The house looks like it has some great "bones"! Can't wait to see some after pictures once it's finally done!


    1. Thanks Allison! It does have great bones. As we were walking through the first time I was just imagining all of the awesome things we could do. Can't wait for it to be finished so I can start sharing pictures :)

  2. So excited, I have been waiting for this post because I am so in love with it on Instagram! We are looking at buying a rancher with a ton of land, and I am so looking forward to all the remodel posts! Congrats mama!

    1. Thanks so much Andrea! Congrats on your future home purchase. It is very exciting!! I pray all goes well for you and your family and I would love to see pictures of your home as well ;)

  3. This house has awesome bones! Congrats! I've enjoyed following along on Insta.

    1. Thanks Kelsey!! I can't wait to start sharing afters ;)

  4. Hey Cindy! I would love to know the story of this house. How did you go about finding it? Did you start out with the area or just do a search? This home is going to be fabulous.


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