January 28, 2015

Big News

I've got a good reason why I've been missing in action around the blog lately and it's not a pregnancy this time. I've kind of been hinting at it for a while and then I finally shared the news on my personal facebook page last week. We are selling our house! 

This might not be huge news for ya'll but it is for us. We bought this house before we got married. We've been living here for about 10 years. This has been our home but we've quickly outgrown it. Mainly the yard. The kids are getting bigger and they need more space. We've been looking at homes and found one on two acres and fell in love. We are negotiating a contract and if all goes well we will be moving soon. Our home is going on the market today but I wanted to share the photos with you all. The ones we are using on the listing. Most of them are recent and two of them are ones I had already shared. 

We are using a flat fee service to list our home to save as much money as possible and so far they are being so AWESOME. I will probably write a full review of their services for those of you interested once we sell our home. 

We are excited about this new stage for our family but will miss our little home. We are praying the whole process goes smoothly. This means that I will bot be posting after this for a while but God willing if we get the other house there will be TONS of projects and posts to come. In the meantime you can follow along on instagram.


  1. So much luck and good wishes! I hope your market cooperates more than ours did ;) lol!

    1. Thank you Courtney! Homes have been selling pretty quickly here so we are hoping ours does too.


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