July 13, 2011

Temporary Solution for the Cubby Hole Nightmare

Do you all remember when I submitted my living room to Mandi's (Vintage Revivals) 
Epic Makeover Contest? Well if you didn't you missed my cubby hole nightmare....
Our home came with this cubby hole (not the mess). I don't know if that's what it's called
but that's what I call it! I guess its where the tv is supposed to go which was ok back when
tv's were one big square box but now we are left with this awkward box that I have no idea
how to decorate. I have a couple ideas like adding two shelves painting it a nice blue
color and making it look like a built in bookshelf. It is one of the items on my to-do list! 
But, until then I found these cute little baskets in a garage sale for $2/ea and I bought them
not really knowing where I would use them, I just bought them because I love baskets! 
I know they still look messy, I basically just threw my mess in there but it's a temporary solution.
Please Ignore those ugly cables, I really want to take the tv down from the fireplace.
It looks tiny and off centered and the cables just make it look even worse! 
So what do you think? I would appreciate any ideas for my cubby hole!!
What would you do if you had a cubby box like this in your home?



  1. I love the bookshelf idea! Or you could hang a curtain in front of it to hide any messes, because it really is convenient to just have a sloppy catch-all space :-)

  2. I agree with the curtain idea....you could use a fun print. Maybe build a shelf for the top 1/3 and then hang a curtain for the rest of it so you can store stuff w/o it being on display!

  3. Could you hang a neat metal artwork... Hobby lobby aways has them 50% off...then at the bottom put some sort of trunk that the lid can be closed if you need the storage. if you do do curtains make sure they are hung to the floor like your other curtains in the room. What about hanging a cabinet door there?

  4. Thanks so much for your ideas! I hadn't even though about a curtain! I will have to tell my hubby about that, it would be fun!

    I like the 1/3 shelf and the rest hidden with a curtain idea Jennifer!
    I could choose a fun print! :)

    Kelly I love trunks! I was about to buy a huge one for my bedroom at Goodwill the other day but I didn't :(
    I have thought about doors there but my hubby didn't seem to like that idea so much.

    I will mention all this to my hubby and see what we decide! ;)

  5. I'd paint the back a fun color to make some white shelves pop.


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