October 31, 2011

How to use photobucket graphics/photos without linking back to your account.

In case you missed my post over at Southern Lovely last week....

 Today I want to share how to use photobucket photos/graphics
on your blog without having them link back to your photobucket account 
when clicked on. For this tutorial I am using one of my own blog graphics...
I have this graphic right under my blog buttons on my sidebar....
I'm going to show you how to add a graphic such as this
without it having it re-directed to your photobucket account if someone clicks on it.
First you grab your HTML code from your graphic/photo....
Go to your blogger "Edit Layout" page and add a gadget, choose HTML/Javascript
and paste your code into it (mine is set to be centered):
Then you are going to delete the first half of your code.
Everything in front of <img src= (as shown in picture)
you will be left with half of the code and then save!
Your graphic should now be ready without it re-directing to
your personal photobucket account!

I hope my tip was useful to you!
If you would like to view more of my tips/tutorials
click that top "Tutorials" buttons or follow me, I 
share tips/tutorials from time to time! :)


October 28, 2011

Over at Southern Lovely Today!

I'm over at my friend Lindsay's blog today sharing
another blogger tip. Check it out!

If you are visiting over from Southern Lovely, Welcome!
You can find more of my blogger tips on my top "Tutorials"
tab! Hope you find something helpful and stay a while! :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend,


October 27, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Printables

I noticed I haven't posted any free printables lately and since Thanksgiving
is just around the corner and I needed more fall-ish decor for my home, I created a print! 
I love the simplicity of it and I thought it was so cool...that is until my hubby 
got home. LOL I know that sounds bad, let me explain... I was all excited and proud
 to show him my newest print then he read it and said "why are we giving 
thanks to Canada?" and then I said... "What are you talking about?" 
and he said, "Cindy that is a maple leaf,  you know like the one that Canada has 
on their flag?" and then I just felt dumb. haha I never even thought about that 
and now every time I pass by this print I think about Canada. Which is not a 
bad thing, it's just not what I was going for. I wanted a fall leaf! 
So that is why I have two thanksgiving prints, in case
you don't want my canada "thanking"one! :) 
To download just click on the pictures below
and then save them to your desktop.
They are 5x7 prints. Hope you like them!
 Let me know if you end up using them. 
I would love to see pictures of them
in your home! 


October 26, 2011

Blessed Design Studio Makeover!

My business website Blessed Design Studio got a little
makeover last night! So did my etsy shop

So if you have one of my buttons up or if I have
designed your blog can you pretty please switch the old
buttons to the new ones found on my site
I would greatly appreciate it!

Don't forget to enter to win a blog design over at la vie petite.


Guest Post Wednesday: Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

Time for another Guest Post Wednesday!
Today's guest is my friend Beth from 
Beth is super sweet and creative and she is about to
open up an etsy shop! Please leave some advice for her
either by leaving a comment here or visit her lovely blog.
. . . . .

I'm Beth from
I'm thrilled to be here today.

Cindy is pretty much the sweetest.

I love making new bloggy friends!
I'm the author of a little blog.
Wife & Momma to Three.

You can check out the kind of momma I am Here!
Thrift seeker, Crafter, Boo Boo Kisser.
 A busy busy lady.
I'm actually working very hard to open my very own
Etsy Shop
I have big plans to open this Spring.
I want everything to be right & go smoothly.
Not to mention I need to get the courage.
I would love to show you a couple things.
I keep hearing to just go for it! Funny how the planner in me is waiting.
Do you own your own Etsy Shop?
What advice do you have to offer up?
I'm all ears & excited to be making new friends.
I would love for you to stop by sometime.
You will find crafts, tutorials, & life as a momma.

. . . . .

Thank's so much Beth!

If you would like to be a guest in my Guest Post Wednesday
series please send me an e-mail and let me know what you
would like to share!


October 25, 2011

Blog Design Giveaway!!

Have you been wanting a blog makeover but don't
have the budget to do it right now? Well then go enter
at La Vie Petite to win a blog design by me! :)
I'm giving away a $40 Simple Blog Set  
that includes Header, Simple Background, Blog Button & Signature. 
You must visit La Vie Petite to enter.
Comments are welcome here but will not be
considered an entry! 

Spread the word people!! :)


October 24, 2011

The Kids Organized Closet

I don't really have a before pic! I am one of those people
who forgets to take before pics sometimes and gets all excited to just
finish a project but I do have a pic which you have probably already seen 
and I posted it when I showed you all the hat hanger project found here.
So here is the only before pic I have...

This closet was a MESS until I found a brand spankin' new
organizer at Goodwill!! Oh yeah! and it only cost me $3.99!

This exact organizer you can find on Amazon but it is
currently unavailable. I did check the price when I purchased it
and it was somewhere around $38! So I got it for a steal at $3.99!

and here is the kids closet with the new organizer:
For some reason it still looks a little messy! lol
I think it's the colors, maybe I should have organized the clothes 
in colors and such! Oh well, this is what it looks like and I'm happy with it! 


October 21, 2011

Yep, I think I have a problem...

I changed my header once again! and that's not all...
I also changed my buttons! GASP!
I'm sure you are all not even surprised anymore! 
I've been switching up the look of my blog almost
 every month it seems. 

In case you don't remember or this is your first time
reading my blog.. Here is what it used to look like:

It's not bad, but I wanted something even simpler!
If you have one of my buttons up on my blog would
you pretty please switch it to one of the new ones?
They are on my left sidebar.

So what do ya'll think? 
Should I even post about my changes anymore?
I'm sure it won't be the last one! 
Also I learned how to change my post title font
to one that blogger doesn't offer under template designer!!
Would anyone like a tutorial?


Laundry Room Love by Arcadian Lighting

Instead of Favorites Friday today we are doing something different but equally awesome!  
I got an e-mail from Arcadian Lighting asking if they could guest post and share 
some inspirational Laundry Room Photos with you all and I am so glad I agreed because
 these rooms are lovely! My laundry room is not that bad since we painted it a couple 
years ago but these rooms are AMAZING! 
I hope you enjoy this inspirational post.
. . . . .

Hi all! My name is Jenn and I write for Arcadian Lighting, a website and blog that specializes in top light fixture ideas around the world. I am so excited to have just moved into my very first home and now I have tons of rooms to try and put my magic touch on. Thank goodness for blogs like CINSARAH - Cindy and I have so much in common and I find her posts inspiring and fun. I really appreciate you letting me guest write here today Cindy - hope you like my post on beautiful laundry rooms!

A laundry room used to be relegated to a corner of a damp cement basement or garage, but today, these functional spaces are being integrated on the main floors of homes and are decked out with both practical and stylish accoutrements. Custom cabinetry, bold colour choices, and loads of fashionable accessories can make laundry room love a reality - here are eight examples of fab home decor in laundry rooms.
A Multi-functional Space
This laundry room has everything from washing and ironing stations to a TV, sink, clothing racks, and ample storage, making it a must-have in a busy household. Adding under cabinet lighting?will definitely change the mood of the room.
Built-in Laundry Room
A whimsical nook with slanted ceilings becomes the ideal laundry room with everything well-integrated into specific spots: shelves for clean towels as well as glass jars for soap, detergent, and other home.
A Bit of Pattern
A laundry room is a fun area to experiment with colour and pattern, as evidenced by this pink damask-smothered space, with black and white leather bins and even a television.
Spacious and Airy
Loads of space is what this laundry room boasts, with three machines tucked under chic countertops, apothecary vessels to hold supplies, and a massive white table for folding clothes.
A Dash of Orange
Bright energetic colours take an ordinary laundry room from drab to fab - here, pumpkin orange is a unique choice and makes the white built-in unit pop.
Traditional Country
Textured cabinet doors and dabs of red give this laundry room family-friendly personality, and is in keeping with the traditional home decor of the rest of the house.
A Laundry Room and More
Why relegate a laundry room to just doing laundry when it can pull double or even triple duty as a workspace as well as a mudroom, such as the space seen here?
Shabby Chic and Sweet
A laundry room can still be warm and cozy - here, the cement walls are hidden behind subtle polka-dot curtains, while other home accessories, such as decorative boxes and glass bottles and the pair of ceiling fixtures, offer homey warmth.

If you got the feeling of laundry room love from this guest post, you're very welcome to visit Arcadian Lighting Blog for more inspiration on your next home projects!

Image Credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
. . . . .

Thank you so much Jenn for sharing these lovely laundry rooms on my blog!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep an eye out
for a giveaway next week as well as another project I just finished and 
another guest post on Wednesday!


October 20, 2011

Coffee Mug Tree turned Jewelry Hanger

I Love Goodwill! Especially the one closest to our home because
seriously every time I go I find something and it's always at such a good price!
I've been needing a place to put my rings & bracelets and I had them all in a white
plate from IKEA but I just didn't like it! So when I saw this coffee mug tree at Goodwill
I instantly thought about using it as a jewelry display/organizer! As soon as I got home
I put my rings, some earrings and bracelets on it....

You see it was only $1.99! yay!!
I liked the idea. The color not so much! So I did what I do
to almost all of the things I paint and painted it white! Here is the
naked little tree. ( Behind it you can see one of the prints I have for sale in my shop)..
and here it is after it's first coat...
I used the free little sample I got from Valspar in Ultra White..
I painted this at night and let it dry overnight and this is 
what it looked like the next morning...
and here it is all accessorized...
and a before an after...
What do you think? Are you sick of the white yet?
I hope not because it's one of my favorite colors
and I plan on using it on a couple more projects!