March 30, 2011

Braided T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial

If you know me, you know that I don't buy anything if it isn't on sale so I hardly buy myself jewelry because usually a bracelet can be anywhere from $7 to $18 and I just think I can buy myself a shirt or a even a dress with that money! So I don't even end up getting myself anything and almost always come home with a cute little something for my kids that I found on sale.

Which brings me to this tutorial, I decided to play around with tearing up an old t-shirt and coming up with something to use it for. I didn't want to make another rosette so I played  around a little bit and thought "well maybe I'll add a nice ruffled collar to one of my shirts?"and then I began braiding a couple pieces and trying it on my wrist and thought it looked cool. So with a couple of tools I already had I came up with this:
A Braided T-Shirt Bracelet 
It's not the world's prettiest bracelet but it's comfy!
My bracelet is white and I am using B&W photos
because I took the pics at night and the lighting wasn't all that great
and you can see the details better in B&W.

I will show you how easy it is to make using any of your old tees. 
If it's stretchy it will be even better in the end.
You can use any color or pattern shirt you have or maybe 
try three different colors!

What you will need:

* one old t-shirt or tee (preferably stretchy fabric)
* glue gun (w/ glue sticks)
* needle & thread in color of your choice
* fabric scissors (or any scissors you have than can cut through fabric)

First cut out 3 strips of your shirt about ruler width
and about 18in or more length wise 
Grab all three of your strips and tie a tight knot at the top like so:
Then begin braiding your bracelet at a curve so that it will curve around your wrist
If you want your braid tight then braid tight or if you want yours a little loose do not
tighten too much as you braid. 
When you get towards the end tie a tight knot:
Then cut off the extra fabric coming out of your knots but DO NOT 
throw away!! You will need one of these for the last step!
Grab a needle and thread in the color of your choice, mine is white.
Measure the bracelet around your wrist. Pick a place where you want your
bracelet to end and begin sewing it together.
Grab your glue gun and glue your pieces together where you 
previously sewed just to make sure they stay together.
Once your glue dries you can cut off the knots
You end up with a bracelet like this
Now grab one of the pieces we cut off from the beginning
and tie it around the unfinished part and gluing with your glue gun
as you go around to end up with a clean finish like this
Do you like it? I plan on making more with different colors or patterns.

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March 28, 2011

Cabinets Stained and Installed

We couldn't agree on a stain color because I wanted something dark and my husband wanted something lighter that would allow for the natural beauty of maple wood to show through. So it took a while for us to finally agree on a stain and while looking through an Ikea catalog we found this:

Of-course our door style is much different but we loved the color, It's in between dark and light.
We tore the page out and sent it to the person who was going to stain our cabinets and he did an excellent job. While comparing this picture to our cabinets I can say he matched it perfectly.

I will only show you two pictures now of our new cabinets and will post the rest once
we are ready to show our final reveal.

Here is a picture to refresh your memory of what our cabinets looked like before 
(in a different angle but same cabinets):

and here are our new wall cabinets:

Our new cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling and you can't see in this picture but we used to have three cabinet doors next to the microwave and now we have four. 

Here is a not-so before picture of this wall:

and our new cabinets wall & base on this wall:

Our next step is getting granite countertops, tile backsplash and finally getting my sink installed.
Yes, we do plan on getting new stainless steel appliances but that won't be anytime soon.
I am loving my new cabinets! I can't wait until the kitchen is completely done, I actually miss cooking and washing dishes. I can't thank God enough for all his blessings because I know he is the one who provides and all good things come from him even though we don't deserve it.
Thank You Lord! 

March 22, 2011

My Recipe Binder

I finally got around to making my Recipe Binder to
organize my recipe mess I had in this container:
I got the idea from Prudent Baby's Recipe Binder
I wanted to print out their pretty binder design but 
I ran out of ink and was too cheap to go out and buy more. 
So I found these pretty folders in Target aka my favorite store:
Don't you just love those red Target clearance stickers?
I know I do! These pretties cost me $0.39/ea!
I also purchased Post-It tabs to turn my folders into
dividers to organize the inside of my binder.

I began by cutting my folders in half and measuring the exact
size I would need for my dividers.
I then added the tabs to the cut-out folders to make
my dividers into three sections:

1. Appetizers/Sides
2. Main Dishes
3. Desserts
Here you can see the inside of my binder with my recipes 
neatly in their protective sleeves:
I also used one of the folders to decorate the outside of my binder:
Now my recipe binder is done and ready to be stored away in 
my new kitchen! 

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March 17, 2011

DIY Rosette Tank Dress

My little princess wants to wear dresses all the time now 
so instead of going out to buy her a bunch of dresses she will end up staining
I thought I would make something using one of her old winter shirts she outgrew

I got a vintage Sears Kenmore sewing machine from one of my husband's aunts
but I can't seem to figure it all out so I ordered the manual online and
hopefully that will help so I can begin working on little diva's birthday dress.

In the meantime, here is how I made this outfit using
1. a long sleeve top with a gathered bottom
2. a white muscle tank (my son's)

First I cut the top off of the shirt

I flipped the skirt over, pinned it, ironed it and sewed the hem.
Then I cut off one of the sleeves and cut the sleeve in two pieces
 to form one long strand:

I made my rosette and cut it out of the felt:

Using Fabric Glue I glued my rosette on to the tank.
I added a piece of paper underneath (Ikea Paper folded in half)
 to keep the glue from going through to the other side.

I let that set overnight until the glue was dry.
I then pinned the skirt part on to the tank while it was inside out and
began sewing the skirt and tank together by hand.
As you can see my stitches are far from perfect but until I can get 
my sewing machine to work it will do.

This little dress was easy to make and is perfect for her to wear around the
house once summer begins.
Here you can see my little model wearing her dress along with
her new leather house shoes that I found at Target for $3 

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March 15, 2011

Paint, Check!

It's been one busy weekend but our kitchen and hallway bathroom are 
now both painted and ready for their next stage.
We went to home depot and found our colors:

The color we chose for the kitchen is named Lime Light.
We also got a sample of the Silver Drop for our hallway but we
are not sure yet if we will paint the hallways or not.

I won't show you the whole kitchen painted until the kitchen
is completely finished but here are some sneak peeks:
Here is a glimpse of the grayish-brown color before and 
the Lime Light color after while painting near the windows...

...and this is the before color on top
 (which will be covered all the way up with cabinets)
and our new color on bottom:

We also painted our hallway bathroom which will be our next project once the kitchen is done.
We had the same grayish brown color in the bathroom but it was a bit dark
since it doesn't have any natural light coming in.
So we painted it the same blueish color that we used in the kitchen:

Here is the before:

and the after:

 It looks so much brighter already but it is not finished yet.
We are planning on removing the bathtub completely and creating a tiled 
walk-in shower, maybe get a new vanity cabinet/sink and mirror
and changing the lighting.

Here is the tile and decorative accents we plan on using for the bathroom:

As you can see we have lots to do, so many projects to be completed!

March 7, 2011

Once Upon A Blog...

Thanks for checking out my blog!
This is the first time I have ever created a blog and I have been reading a lot of DIY blogs out there and was inspired. I created this blog to share with you our home renovation process, to share recipes I've tried, to share DIY projects I would LOVE to try and maybe get some tips and advice on home decor and baking/cooking.

Currently we are working on our kitchen. We purchased our home 6 years ago as a foreclosure and have been working on it ever since. We are no where near being done but would like to share some of the process of our home updates since I love looking at before and after pictures, I thought you would too. So here are some before pictures of our kitchen and these are not really the before pictures since we thought we had already finished remodeling the kitchen when we painted our cabinets white last year. 
Our cabinets before had no hardware, they were a pinkish light color (yuck) and the floors were linoleum. In the past couple of years we have changed flooring to laminate, painted cabinets white (forgot to prime and were now chipping) and added hardware to the doors. 
Please excuse the mess:
you can start to see chipping paint here 
excuse the blurry picture it's the only one I have of this view
we had already taken the doors out
We liked the outcome but our countertops were beginning to inflate because of spilled water and they were white and would stain easily and our laminate flooring was very hard to maintain since we kept spilling water on the floors. So we had tile installed and now this is what our kitchen looks like currently without our base cabinets:
Our kitchen was measured yesterday for our new cabinets and we are so excited! I can't wait to show you all the after pictures! We are thinking of painting our kitchen another color but not sure what.
If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. Our new kitchen will not be white, it will be a medium-dark brownish color. 

Thanks again for checking out my blog!