August 29, 2011

Sunshine Blossoms Necklace Winner!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend went super fast but that's ok because
I'm looking forward to this weekend! We are taking a trip to the beach and labor day is my 24th birthday! whoo hoo!

I'm sure you are dying to know if you won the lovely Psalm 107 necklace
from Sunshine Blossoms!!!

 The LUCKY winner is....

which is...
Congrats Andrea!! 
Please e-mail me your address ASAP so I can
pass it on to Kourtney and she can mail you your 
lovely necklace! :)

Thanks to all who entered! 

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August 26, 2011

Favorites Friday 8.26.11

   So Favorites Friday was MIA for a while but I think I will do it every other friday or whatever friday I feel like it! lol This favorites friday I want to feature Organizined spaces because it's something I want to begin doing in all of our closets (more like whole house!) I sort of started doing that here but the closet no longer looks as organized as this since I've acquired a couple more crafting items, fabric (which I would do something with if I had a sewing machine) and other junk. So let's move on to some inspirational pictures...

1. I LOVE Jen's organized kitchen from I heart Organizing
I'm pretty sure you've seen her blog and if you haven't you NEED to now!
Jen is like the Organizing Queen!! I love her ENTIRE organized home! 
I especially love her fridge lol! I would love to have my fridge this organized.
I hate opening the fridge and not being able to find something, not to mention
the smell from some of the rotting things you forgot you had and didn't end up using :/

2. I LOVE this coat closet from everyday lovely
This is what I want my coat closet to look like!! Wood hangers, baskets,
fun colors and everything in it's place! 

3. Another lovely coat closet from Better Homes & Garden
Love the hooks on the door for small coats! 
Such a cool idea!

4. I Love this Jewelry Organizer from Perfectly Pretty
My necklaces always get tangled and I never end up using them 
because I don't even want to try to untangle them so this is something I would
like to do in my bathroom to keep my small collection of jewelry nice and organized.

5. I love this organized wall idk where it's from but I found on Pinterest
We have a wall just like this in between our kitchen and entry hallway!
I started doing something like this with the white board I bought at goodwill but 
I want to get a bigger calendar one like this! 

Hope these pictures inspired you to go and organize something in your home! 
I am very inspired but that means I have some shopping to do and my hubby won't like that! lol
If i featured you, you are more than welcome to grab my button on my sidebar :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
If you haven't already don't forget to enter to win this lovely necklace
from Sunshine Blossoms

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August 23, 2011

My Lovely New Necklace & a Giveaway!!!

***This Giveaway Ended 8/29/11***
    I have a Beautiful new custom necklace from the super talented Kourtney at Sunshine Blossoms

The copper pendant has both my husband's and my name and our anniversary date on it. :)
I love the blue beads and the heart locket!! I asked my 4 {soon to be 5} year old son to
take a picture of me wearing my new necklace. He loves taking pictures so of course he agreed.
It took tons and tons of takes because most of them were
at weird angles or really blurry but we got one...

My son is now my official photograper! LOL 
Isn't my necklace pretty?! Well guess what?
You can get a pretty little necklace too!! 

The very generous Kourtney made a special necklace for my awesome
readers!! You can win this beautiful Psalm 107:1 Necklace...
As you can see Psalm 107:1 is one of my favorite bible verses it is on my blog sidebar :)
What a beautiful reminder to thank God each and everyday than by wearing this verse!
It is truly beautiful and it is hand stamped on Stainless Steel.
{which means it's hypo allergenic, does not rust, change color or tarnish and is very durable.}

I had promised a giveaway when I reached 100 "likers" (yes that's the technical term lol) 
on FB and since I have a crazy long list of people waiting on custom work I am super busy
with designing and my etsy shop, I can't offer a blog design or credit to my shop at this time
so I asked Kristen if this could be my official 100 FB "likers" giveaway and she agreed 
and this necklace giveaway is officially my 100 FB "likers" giveaway!! :D

-One Comment per entry 
-Must be a follower (new or current) of Cinsarah via GFC or FB

Here is how you can win:

1. Become a Follower of Kourtney's Blog Sunshine Blossoms 
& leave a comment letting me know (1 Entry)

2. "Like" Sunshine Blossoms FB page & leave a comment saying you
found her page through Cinsarah :) & leave a comment here letting me know (1 Entry)

3. Add Sunshine Blossom's Etsy Shop to your faves & let me know what your
favorite necklace is! Leave a comment letting me know (1 Entry)

4. Leave a commenting letting me know if you follow Cinsarah via GFC. 
(1 Entry)

5. Leave a comment letting me know if you follow Cinsarah via Facebook
(1 Entry)

6. Share this giveaway on FB, Twitter or your own blog.
Leave a comment letting me know (up to 3 Entries)
(leave separate comments for each)

Giveaway ends Monday August 29, 2011. 
winner will be announced that morning here on Cinsarah.

Good Luck! 

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August 22, 2011

Old Frame Makeover

   My mom bought this frame at a garage sale and gave it to me so I could make it over. At first I didn't know what to do with it until I remembered I had an old photobooth picture that I thought would look good in black and white and framed and this frame was just the right size! I apologize for the quality of the photos, all the pics on my blog I take with my iphone! One day I will own a super nice camera!

So I had this photo on our fridge:
{like I said it is old, so don't judge my hair! lol}
{my hubby looks very handsome though ;)}
I liked it but didn't want that Gattis wording on the bottom and
didn't care much for the pink tint so I scanned it and using my photoshop
I turned it into this...
I painted the frame & matting white and painted the trim inside the matting blue...

{oh yes please excuse my fancy waffles and spiderman flattened boxes I used
to prevent painting on my dinning room table}

I printed out our photo & wrote the word Love with a fancy sharpie and 
here is the final product in my bedroom...
What do you think?
It's not perfect! Just like all my other projects
but I love it! :)

Have you noticed anything new on my blog? 
I added a background, a new flag to my banner and changed my about me photo. 
What do you think? It looks very summery to me and summer is about to
end but I still like it! and......
Guess what?! I am having a giveaway this week!
So keep an eye out for that post!! :)

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August 18, 2011

Goodwill Finds 8.18.11

    I went to Goodwill yesterday! I hadn't gone in a while and last time I went I didn't find anything I liked. This time I found a couple goodies to organize my home plus a wood toy airplane for my son...

     Let's break it down shall we? 

The big frame you see is a white board, I had been looking for something like this
especially because I got some dry erase markers with coupons {which I will post about later}
and all I need was a board to use them on! This was $2.99

That cute little round lined basket was $1.99 and you know how I love baskets!
This is now in my pantry filled with to-go snacks.

The crate looking thing was $1.99 as well and it is also to organize my pantry!

The drawer organizer was $2.99 and it fit perfectly in our new cabinet drawers!

The wood airplane was $1.99 and my son loves it!

I plan on buying a couple more organizing things for my pantry since
it needs a little makeover! 

Have you shopped at Goodwill lately? What goodies did you find?

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August 16, 2011

My First (or Second) Spray Paint Project

    Spray paint is sort of new to me, I remember my mom spray painting things while growing up but never have I spray painted something myself. So while in the clearance section of wal-mart one day I found a little can of spray paint in a lovely shade of blue {indigo}. It is Rust-Oleum's Satin Enamel Spray in Indigo to be exact and it was mark-downed from $4.77 to $3.00! 

So of course I added it to the cart! This was my chance to try spray painting something myself! Funny thing I was carded while buying this spray paint, I didn't know you had to be 18 to buy spray paint and I'm not under age but I guess sometimes people think I'm younger than I am and sometimes they freak out when I tell them I already have 2 kids ha! Anyways back to the spray paint, so I bought my first can!! yay!! This is actually the second thing I've spray painted, the first were some frames from the dollar store that I plan on using for a gallery wall for the living room which Idk when that will happen but it's on the {to-do list}.  I found this letter in the dollar section of Target for $2.50 and thought it would be cute in my bedroom except the black didn't fit in very well with all the whites and blues in my room. So I took out my handy dandy spray paint bottle and painted it...
   I love my new M {which is the first letter of our last name}! To be honest though It isn't perfect, neither are my frames, I guess I have tons to learn still about spray painting and technique! I still love it though and my frames! :) What do you think? What was your first spray paint project? I would love to hear about it! :) 

  BTW I have reached 100 "likers" on FB!!! well 101 to be exact! I will be having a giveaway soon. Maybe not this week because I am still catching up with Heartsy orders and past giveaway winners but I promise it will be soon!! :)

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August 12, 2011

Just a Couple Friendly Reminders

    Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been crazy busy filling orders for all my lovely Heartsy Shoppers and then I take a look at my Heartsy Overview page and I read this...

  I have almost sold all of my vouchers!! yay!! I'm super super thankful!! and there is still 12hrs left and only 7 vouchers left! so if you haven't already go buy a voucher! {if you want to of course! lol}
As busy as I've been it feels like I've filled tons of orders but then I look and see I've only completed 17 out of 93! ha! I guess I will be busy for the next couple of days or weeks! In the midst of filling orders, catching up with housework and such I did complete one more project from my to-do list that I will post about next week! It's nothing major but it feels good to check things off! 

  Also if you haven't already entered to win a blog makeover at my Friend {Lindsay}'s blog Southern Lovely then you still have a chance! She will be picking a winner tomorrow so get to Southern Lovely and enter

  One Last thing! If you like me on FB you saw that I posted just yesterday I think that I had 94 "likers" lol and asked if you would all be interested in a giveaway when I reach 100. So Today I saw I have 98! Almost there! I think I will do a giveaway! What would you all be interested in winning? A blog design or etsy store credit? 

I've had a crazy busy week but a VERY good week and I'm very thankful for it!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

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August 10, 2011

I'm on Heartsy!!!

My Post title says it all!! Can you tell I am super excited?!
If you like me on FB you already knew my little shop would be on Heartsy today
and I just wanted to write about it and to tell you all how grateful I am!
I am so so thankful to God because I know that he is the one who has been 
blessing me (undeservingly) with work, which I feel weird calling it that,
because I love what I do! I know that in the beginning when this business started
I would get orders very sparingly and now I just thank the Lord each day I get an
e-mail and an opportunity to work with such wonderful people designing their blogs,
etsy shops and such. Thank You Lord!!  I also want to thank you all for following
 me along and for all your sweet comment and e-mails! You all make my day!! :)

You can find my Etsy Shop on Heartsy here
I am offering $6 for $15 in store credit! 

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August 9, 2011

Chalkboard Hat Hanger

    Yay! I checked off another project off the to-do list! And There is a little less clutter in my craft closet and the kids' room. I bought this wall hanging thing from the dollar section of Target (I love that section!) and originally it was 2.50 but it was 75% off so I got it for about 63 cents!! whoo hoo! I needed something like this for the kids' room to hang their hats which seem to always get lost or trampeled on the floor. The design was ok but I thought it would be cuter painted in chalkboard paint (don't hate me if you are already sick of chalk paint please lol) and the word hats written on it. So here is the wall hanging thing before...

I set up my little painting station outside while the kids were playing outside with the sprinkler
but I regret using a paper bag because when I picked up the painted plank 
some of the paper got stuck on with the wet paint and left me with messy edges oh well!

Here is the final result...

The wall hanging thing is now a hat hanger :) 
It only holds three hats but that's all I needed my kids only have 3 hats! lol
Here is another picture so you can get a look at where it is at...

It is in a small wall in between the closet and the door. 
What do you think? Not bad for 63 cents huh?

BTW if you haven't already gone to visit my friend Lindsay's blog
to enter my $35 blog design giveaway go now!!

August 5, 2011

$35 Blog Design Giveaway at Southern Lovely

   Hey guys just wanted to let you all know I am doing another giveaway, this time I am giving away a custom blog design package worth $35 that includes a custom header, background & 2 blog buttons! I just designed my friend Lindsay's blog over at Southern Lovely and I've been a follower of her's for quite sometime now, she is super crafty and has tons of cute projects on her blog so check out her blog and enter to win a blog design! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


I did it Again!

     I know, I know! I keep changing my blog look like I change my socks! I love my new design it's just that the pale pink (which is one of my favorite colors btw) was a little depressing especially in contrast with the gray! But, if you know me in person, you know I don't like wearing bright colors, lots of jewelry or glitter! Yet somehow I like using bright colors in my designs, well most of them. So this new look is not at all what I am all about in person, in fact I know when my husband see's this he will think I'm crazy for using such bright colors! lol I usually wear lots of black, white, navy or gray. No I'm not gothic! lol I just like the classic and simple look. I just thought my blog needed a little boldness. Let's go back and see the different headers I've had along the way...

    These are not actually all the headers this little blog has had, these are just the ones I still have saved in my computer. #1 I loved, I just got tired of the gray chevron look, #2 I changed the gray chevron to black, wanting to make it bolder but I got tired of that too and thought it was a bit too busy so I went with #3 which is still my current design, which I love because it's more simple but like I said the pale pink was just a little depressing so now we have #4! What do you think? Is it too much? Do you like the pale pink better? Are you gonna stop following me because I'm driving you nuts with all the changes? LOL I would appreciate some feedback!! :) I do not know how long I will keep these colors, I might change the colors from time to time but the design will stay...for now! lol Oh yes I got new matching buttons too and if you like me on FB I have a new picture too! :)


August 2, 2011

Heirloom Tomato & Nectarine Salad

 Sorry I've been MIA these past couple of days or weeks I've been busy trying to catch up with things here around the house plus I got sick this weekend and haven't been feeling like doing much even though I have tons and tons to do!

 So my hubby and I have decided to start eating healthy again since while on vacation I think we gained like 2-3 lbs just eating out! Seriously we ate italian beef sandwiches for 5 days straight for lunch not to mention that delicious Chicago deep dish pizza! yum!! It's something you can't really find here in Texas so why not? Well now we are seeing the downside to indulging ourselves with such good food. So anyways we are trying to eat healthier and while grocery shopping we happened to sample this delicious salad! Both the nectarines and the heirloom tomatoes where on sale at whole foods and they combined them to make this salad that I would have never tried if it weren't for those free samples! LOL So it was perfect! So good and super duper easy to make! plus the ingredients where on sale so why not?

Here is what you need...

-Nectarines (I ended up using only 2)
- Heirloom tomato (just used one big one)
-Fresh Basil 
-Olive Oil 

Basically dice up your nectarines & tomato add some fresh basil, a dash of olive oil to mix it well
and voila you've got yourself a tasty and healthy salad...

It really is that easy and the sweetness of the nectarines blends really well with the
 tomatoes and fresh basil! Serve and Enjoy! Let me know if you try it! :) 


August 1, 2011

Garage Sale Finds & Suggestions Please

I don't have any projects to show you all! boo!! I have soooo many ideas but all of them 
require spending from a little to a lot of money and money is an issue right now since we
 just had to purchase a whole new AC unit for our home which was not planned 
especially coming home from vacation where we just spent almost all we had saved. 
Ok I will stop with the pity party! lol I want to show you some of the awesome finds 
I found (lol) at a garage sale a couple weeks ago..

I found some cute baskets, if you know me you know I LOVE baskets!!
Two of them I used as you saw in one of my previous posts 
for my cubby hole temporary fix...

and a smaller matching one I used to 
hold books in my kids' room...
btw that table was a thrift store find. My dad found it for $10 at a thrift store
and painted it for the nursery when I was preggers with my son. I love that little table! 

And Last but Definitely Not Least....

I saw these frames and fell in love!! I am not to crazy about the inside paintings

my husband likes them and I think they are ok but the frames I LOVE...

I got these for $2/ea.!! You can still see the stickers on them. And here is 
the suggestion part of the title.... What do you suggest I do with these pretties?
I don't want to paint them but I am debating wether to keep the art or maybe replace the 
art with mirrors? what would you do? I don't want to ruin them!! please help!!!
Also where would you hang them? I don't know if I want them in the dinning room,
living room or bedroom? btw thanks for your suggestion on the cubby hole dilemma!
 I am going to use them soon! I hope! lol