April 27, 2011

Blessed Graphic Design

Before entering Blog World I used to design banners for Etsy Shops. I Loved it! Unfortunately my PC broke and my photoshop program wasn't for my Mac. When I started my blog it was a challenge to design it without using photoshop. I found GIMP for Mac and used it to make the header, background & buttons I had on my blog at first. Gimp is ok, if you don't have photoshop this program could be useful, but I still missed my photoshop so I finally got photoshop for my Mac on Ebay! (yes I'm addicted to Ebay) and now my Etsy Shop is up and running again! I am slowly creating new designs for Etsy & Blogger. You can visit my Etsy Shop by clicking HERE. I will also be posting my blog designs HERE for my awesome readers to view as I come up with them. IF I ever reach 100 followers (I wish!) I would love to giveaway a whole Custom Etsy, Blog & Business Package which would include EVERYTHING you will ever need for your Etsy Shop, Your Blog & Your Business.

I am very excited that I have photoshop again! I just wanted to share with you all, I've been busy busy working on new designs but in between designing, cleaning, cooking, picking up, changing diapers & such I made a pretty necklace that I will share with you tomorrow :)

We also have plans to finally start painting the guest room furniture this week so hopefully we can finish that room completely sometime soon since the kitchen is looking like it will take a couple months to completely be finished because it is expensive to remodel a kitchen. Why didn't anyone tell us? lol I am very thankful I even have a kitchen and will have to be patient until it is completely finished and you will too because it looks like there will be no after pictures of the kitchen any time soon!

Back to my Shop, I am offering a 25% off to my readers if you buy any of my designs! 
Use Coupon Code: CINSARAH to get your 25% off discount when purchasing on Etsy 
Valid Now until May  2
That means that you can get an $18 Blog set for $13.50! 
or a $5 Etsy Banner for $3.75! 
or why not get the $25 Etsy & Blog Bundle for $18.75!!

So go and tell your friends! :)


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