August 18, 2016

Meet The Teacher Turtle Playdoh Gift

So yesterday I shared with you all how I am going to be teaching preschool at a local church. Well I've been busy crafting up and getting all prepped with lesson plans and such. I knew being a teacher was a lot of work but just prepping for the school year is exhausting and it truly makes me appreciate teachers oh so much! 

Here is something I came up with for my students. Our class theme is turtles so I thought it would be cute to do a little gift involving turtles. I bought a huge pack of mini playdohs at Costco recently and decided to use the brown ones as turtle shells. They came out better than I expected!
I decided to list this in my Etsy Shop for any other teachers out there who want to use these. I do plan on  listing these on Teachers Pay Teachers as well but I haven't had a chance to figure all of that out yet so for now any other cute printables I come up with will be listed in my Etsy Shop.

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