June 8, 2016

Our Trip to Fredericksburg,TX

We went on a little road trip to Fredericksburg, TX over Memorial day weekend. It was A LOT of fun! We've been wanting to take the kids to pick peaches for a while and we finally got to do it. If you've never visited the Texas Hill Country, I highly recommend a road trip! We loved our little trip! The views were amazing and the kids had a lot of fun. We started our day off picking peaches at Jenschke Orchards.
They took us on a hay ride to where we could pick peaches. The rain in Texas has been crazy so of course it was muddy everywhere. Thankfully we came prepared with rain boots and old tennis shoes. They let us eat as many peaches as we wanted while picking and of course little man took advantage...
We ended up filling up TWO boxes of peaches. We gave some away to family and friends and lots of them we kept. I made two peach pies with the peaches and they were DELICIOUS! 
After picking our peaches we went to Enchanted Rock. The drive is almost as beautiful as the park itself. 
 I still can't believe all FIVE of us climbed this...
It was exhausting but the views were totally worth it!
We took a couple breaks on the way up and some on the way down. I want to say it was because of the kids but I would be lying. Climbing a mountain is tough when you're out of shape but you feel so good afterwards. I didn't even feel guilty about eating a Whataburger afterwards.

I loved our little road trip so much I've been thinking about making it a yearly thing!

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  1. Fun fact: when we were going to move to Texas last December, our GPS rerouted us from Fort Worth through the hill country instead of going through Austin to get to San Antonio... Needless to say we were ready to throw the GPS out the window because that was not fun with a trailer full of stuff😂

    Looks like a fun peach farm though and makes me miss TX a lot!


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