May 3, 2016

Exterior Changes

We haven't quite finished our kitchen yet. In fact my husband is working on that vent hood this week. He took two weeks off to help me with my surgery and recovery. I am feeling better this week but I still can't drive or carry Levi so he's here and he's been taking advantage of his time off to figure out our vent hood dilemma. I'm hoping we can have the vent hood up and installed by the end of the week. While we finish that, we are beginning another project. One we've planned to start on this year and hopefully finish by next year. 

We want to replace all of our windows eventually but windows are expensive and our budget is super tight after our kitchen remodel so we are taking things slow and starting off with the six front windows and working our way to the back. We are planning on getting new siding as well since ours is pretty old and rotting away in some places. Here is a little photoshop mock up I worked up on what we would like our home to look like...
We'd love for our home to look a little more modern. We are looking to paint all of the new siding a medium/dark gray. This color is Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. We are replacing our windows with new windows without the little squares which I'm thinking is going to make a big difference in how our home looks. I would also love to eventually get a new front door. Something modern like the one shown. If you know any door companies that offer modern style doors at a reasonable price then please let me know. I love the look of wood with gray and stone so I think adding some wood beams to our windows will add some character as well. We are hoping to order our windows tomorrow so I will share our progress on both instagram and snapchat. I just got snapchat so I'm fairly new but I already love it. You can find me under: cinsarahblog. 

My next post will either be my surgery experience or our kitchen reveal! Stay Tuned!


  1. Glad you're feeling better from your surgery! And such a Sweet hubby to take care of you in your recovery.

    The new outside plans sound wonderful. Have you checked out Lauren Leiss' last home? They painted theirs a dark color. Looked fabulous. Here's some links:

    Looking forward to seeing your final kitchen reveal.. I'm sure you'll be happy when it's finished too.

    Betsy Gordon

    1. Thank you so much Betsy! I am thankful he is here with me.

      Thanks for the links, LOVE their home and all of the updates they've done!
      I've got a new blog to follow now :)


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