April 24, 2016

Five Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's day is coming up and you might or might not already have that weekend planned out. If you don't have plans or you want to try something different this year, let me help ya out a little with some ideas. Here are five different ways you can celebrate Mother's Day this year:

All you outdoor lovers, this is for you. We all know parks get super packed on holidays so why not set up the backyard for a day of fun? For food you can either pack sandwiches and snacks or order pizza and eat it outside. The best part is the clean up is easier because you don't have to wash any dishes if you use disposables! Set up a tent and read together, sing, play board games, look through old baby pictures, or simply talk! You can plan fun outdoor games, maybe have a nerf gun war, or plan a scavenger hunt. You can also plant some flowers together, start that garden you've been wanting to do, and maybe even have a water balloon fight afterwards. There really is no limit to what you can do outdoors. 

Again restaurants are FULL this time of year so you can eat a fancy dinner at home without cooking. How? You can get a dinner catered and delivered to your home. Have everyone dress up, set a beautiful table, and then dance with each of your kiddos. 

This one could either be fun or torture depending on if your kids cooperate or not. You can schedule a photoshoot on Mother's Day. Again you can get everyone dressed up and have a family session. Photoshoots with the family can be exhausting, trying to get everyone to smile, but they are very worth it when you see those beautiful photos of your family. 

Maybe you work all week long and all you want is a day at home to relax and do nothing. Have a lazy day. Let the husband and kids pamper you by cooking all the meals and cleaning up afterwards. You can set up the living room to eat and watch a movie together. Take a nap! I know all mamas want that. Have your husband take the kids outside to play while you nap. 

Just the other day we were in Austin and we had so much fun going through the city sightseeing and taking pictures in Austin landmarks. Plan a day to visit a nearby town or city and play tourist all day! 

I am still not sure what we will end up doing for Mother's Day but I'm sure it will be a little bit of #1 and #4 since I will still be recovering from surgery. One thing is for sure, I love having my kids all dressed up and matching. Gymboree has got the cutest clothes! I am able to have my big boy match with my little man. They get so many compliments walking around matching. So no matter what you decide to do, check out Gymboree for your kiddos! Also make sure to follow me on instagram as I will be giving away a $50 Giftcard to Gymboree
This is a sponsored post in partnership with Gymboree. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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