March 2, 2016

Our Living Room Gallery Wall

I've always wanted a gallery wall in our living room. I never got to hang on in our first home but I knew I wanted to in our new home so I began collecting Goodwill frames. Every frame (with the exception of the pocket frames) were purchased from my local Goodwill. It took me almost a year to collect them all but it was very worth it! The deer antlers were also from Goodwill but from an auction. Frames can be expensive so if you want to create a gallery wall but are on a budget, I recommend shopping your local Goodwills. My frames were all less than $3.99 each. If it has matting even better! Those are the ones I looked for as I know matting can be expensive too.

The frames I had the most fun with were these beautiful pocket frames from Details 2 Enjoy. These frames are so fun and easy to customize to your style. My style is a minimalistic style so I stained the frame, painted the Texas insert and added a Texas map to the back. I LOVE how it came out! It is my favorite frame on the gallery wall. You can pick from a variety of cut-out inserts and back slots to mix and match. To find out more about pocket frames visit their website here.
The little heart frame is also a pocket frame. I went with a gold foil on the back but my plan was to print out a photo of our first home and use it in the heart but I didn't get a chance to. I love how our gallery wall came out! I sometimes go to the living room just to stare at it.... I know I'm weird! 
You can purchase my "HOME SWEET HOME" print and other prints I've used in my home at my etsy shop here. I am working on new prints and also a couple other fun printables for your home! Stay tuned...

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