December 2, 2015

Our New DIY Mailbox

We kind of took a little break from fixing up our home for a variety of reasons. We have SO MANY projects still left to do but no time and let's be honest no money left to do them. We are STILL currently waiting for our kitchen remodel to begin. We are waiting on my husband's cousins to start building our kitchen but they've been busy busy recently and so all we can do is wait. 

Well a couple weeks ago we decided to tackle on a project to get our DIY juices flowing and to distract us from the kitchen remodel or lack of. By WE I mean my husband cause he's the builder around here and I'm just the decorator. He builds, I make stuff pretty looking. We make a good team I think. 

The mailbox was one of those things on our list and one of the least expensive ones so a new mailbox was built. Here is what our mailbox looked before...
We went on pinterest and found these two as our inspiration. The left one is from this etsy shop and the right one I couldn't find a source for. We loved this style because it matches our house number sign that my husband recently made. 
I'm not writing a tutorial from this DIY because we don't have any actual plans. My husband just looked at these inspiration photos and built it on his own. I am however sharing progress photos for those of you who want to give it a shot. I hope they will help somehow. My husband worked on this thing almost every afternoon after work. It took about two weeks because it was raining and it gets dark our early now so we raced against the sun set. 
and here is what it looked like for a few days before staining and installing the house numbers...
We stained it the same color as our house numbers sign and used the same modern numbers. I love how it came out and it matches perfectly with our house numbers. 


I would LOVE to hear from you! :)