October 21, 2011

Yep, I think I have a problem...

I changed my header once again! and that's not all...
I also changed my buttons! GASP!
I'm sure you are all not even surprised anymore! 
I've been switching up the look of my blog almost
 every month it seems. 

In case you don't remember or this is your first time
reading my blog.. Here is what it used to look like:

It's not bad, but I wanted something even simpler!
If you have one of my buttons up on my blog would
you pretty please switch it to one of the new ones?
They are on my left sidebar.

So what do ya'll think? 
Should I even post about my changes anymore?
I'm sure it won't be the last one! 
Also I learned how to change my post title font
to one that blogger doesn't offer under template designer!!
Would anyone like a tutorial?



  1. Love the new look! I liked it before, but this is pretty too. :) I'm always open for tutorials!!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Clean and simple. Perfection...that is until you change it to something else beautiful...again! ;o) I changed my "featured" button and I like how it looks on my blog even better than the old one! THANK YOU for all your awesome ideas!

  3. Aw, it looks great! So fresh & clean. I love seeing our beautiful blog. Makes me happy. :)

  4. I love it. Then again, I've liked all of your headers. I need one. :)

  5. I love it! It's clean but not boring!! Keep writing about your updates!! I love checking your new ideas out , you're full of surprises!!


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