September 20, 2011

My Etsy Shop Temporarily Closed & Free Print

My photoshop has been crashing on me since yesterday so I have been unable
to work on custom work. I had to close my Etsy shop temporarily because
of this too! I'm so bummed! I tried everything to get it to work and it seems
it just doesn't want to! I purchased a newer photoshop version off of ebay today
which should arrive by friday so if you are waiting on custom work please
be a little more patient with me I will get to you as soon as possible!
As a thank you for your patience I would like to give all of you
a free print from my shop! I will take this down from my shop as
soon as it is back up and running so now it is FREE!

Actually it is two prints! They go with each other. They are both 8x10.
to download these prints just click on them below to enlarge and
they will open up in a new window click FILE on top and SAVE AS
and you should be able to save the print to your computer. 
NOTE: you will have to do this for each print. 
Hope I can get my new photoshop by Friday if not earlier!
I guess I will take this as a little vacation from work :)
Trying to take this negative into a positive!
Maybe I can tackle a couple projects meanwhile!
I would love to know if you downloaded my prints and
if you end up using them please share pics!!



  1. Hope ya get your photoshop working soon.. and thanks for the freebies! They are too cute :)

  2. Thanks Kelley! :)
    and no problem!
    I love making printables, and sharing them for free even more!

  3. Oh no, I hope it get fixed soon. Thanks for sharing the freebies!

  4. Oh man! I hope that you get everything fixed soon!

  5. Thank you for this free printable. I hope everything gets sorted out for you.

  6. I hope your photoshop is working again soon, but I would have never found you if it wasn't for your free link up! I will be printing these up and hanging them in my home. THANKS



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