August 10, 2011

I'm on Heartsy!!!

My Post title says it all!! Can you tell I am super excited?!
If you like me on FB you already knew my little shop would be on Heartsy today
and I just wanted to write about it and to tell you all how grateful I am!
I am so so thankful to God because I know that he is the one who has been 
blessing me (undeservingly) with work, which I feel weird calling it that,
because I love what I do! I know that in the beginning when this business started
I would get orders very sparingly and now I just thank the Lord each day I get an
e-mail and an opportunity to work with such wonderful people designing their blogs,
etsy shops and such. Thank You Lord!!  I also want to thank you all for following
 me along and for all your sweet comment and e-mails! You all make my day!! :)

You can find my Etsy Shop on Heartsy here
I am offering $6 for $15 in store credit! 

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  1. New follower here. :)
    Good for you! God is so great about blessing us when we feel so undeserving of it. :) Although, you have worked hard for this. Congrats! Hope things continue to go well for your business.


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