August 26, 2011

Favorites Friday 8.26.11

   So Favorites Friday was MIA for a while but I think I will do it every other friday or whatever friday I feel like it! lol This favorites friday I want to feature Organizined spaces because it's something I want to begin doing in all of our closets (more like whole house!) I sort of started doing that here but the closet no longer looks as organized as this since I've acquired a couple more crafting items, fabric (which I would do something with if I had a sewing machine) and other junk. So let's move on to some inspirational pictures...

1. I LOVE Jen's organized kitchen from I heart Organizing
I'm pretty sure you've seen her blog and if you haven't you NEED to now!
Jen is like the Organizing Queen!! I love her ENTIRE organized home! 
I especially love her fridge lol! I would love to have my fridge this organized.
I hate opening the fridge and not being able to find something, not to mention
the smell from some of the rotting things you forgot you had and didn't end up using :/

2. I LOVE this coat closet from everyday lovely
This is what I want my coat closet to look like!! Wood hangers, baskets,
fun colors and everything in it's place! 

3. Another lovely coat closet from Better Homes & Garden
Love the hooks on the door for small coats! 
Such a cool idea!

4. I Love this Jewelry Organizer from Perfectly Pretty
My necklaces always get tangled and I never end up using them 
because I don't even want to try to untangle them so this is something I would
like to do in my bathroom to keep my small collection of jewelry nice and organized.

5. I love this organized wall idk where it's from but I found on Pinterest
We have a wall just like this in between our kitchen and entry hallway!
I started doing something like this with the white board I bought at goodwill but 
I want to get a bigger calendar one like this! 

Hope these pictures inspired you to go and organize something in your home! 
I am very inspired but that means I have some shopping to do and my hubby won't like that! lol
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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. These are so great! I love that coat closet!

  2. I lovvve organization. It would be awesome to keep my refrigerator and closets that perfectly organized. Pinterest has some seriously heavenly ideas, too. :)

  3. Oh thank you so much for featuring my little blog!! I can't wait peak around yours!

  4. Ahh I am so UN organized and this is totally motivating me. Especially that fridge


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