August 9, 2011

Chalkboard Hat Hanger

    Yay! I checked off another project off the to-do list! And There is a little less clutter in my craft closet and the kids' room. I bought this wall hanging thing from the dollar section of Target (I love that section!) and originally it was 2.50 but it was 75% off so I got it for about 63 cents!! whoo hoo! I needed something like this for the kids' room to hang their hats which seem to always get lost or trampeled on the floor. The design was ok but I thought it would be cuter painted in chalkboard paint (don't hate me if you are already sick of chalk paint please lol) and the word hats written on it. So here is the wall hanging thing before...

I set up my little painting station outside while the kids were playing outside with the sprinkler
but I regret using a paper bag because when I picked up the painted plank 
some of the paper got stuck on with the wet paint and left me with messy edges oh well!

Here is the final result...

The wall hanging thing is now a hat hanger :) 
It only holds three hats but that's all I needed my kids only have 3 hats! lol
Here is another picture so you can get a look at where it is at...

It is in a small wall in between the closet and the door. 
What do you think? Not bad for 63 cents huh?

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  1. Aw, this is so cute! I love how inexpensive it was, and how great it turned out!

  2. i agree this is super cute and fun!!! -Janna


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