June 16, 2011

My Little Model

Hello! It's almost friday and I'm actually looking forward to it being the weekend because sunday is our anniversary! :) I wanted to share some pictures I took today of my little princess wearing the dress I made for her out of an old Hollister Top. When I first made it she was not in the mood to try it on so I didn't get any shots of her wearing it but today she wanted the dress on and she even posed for me! :) You can read more about this dress and how I made it here. I didn't even bother fixing her hair because this is what she looks like, her hair is her signature look! lol 

and here is a full shot of her wearing and loving her dress...

Don't you just love her crazy hair? I sure do!! :D
She often gets compliments with her messy hair when we don't put it up
on a ponytail. She just makes messy hair look so cute! 
lol maybe it's because it's my daughter but I think so! :)


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  1. She is soo cute! I love that hair!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)Would love for you to join us more often!



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