June 10, 2011

Favorites Friday 6.10.11

It's Friday! To be honest with you I don't get as excited as most people when it's friday because
I love my whole week! I am very blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom and enjoy
every single day of the week but I know for those of you who work outside the home, 
you look forward to your weekends. So Happy Friday to You! :)
Here are my favorites this week:

1. I Love these painted curtain panels from PB&J Stories!

I found this blog this week and I love all her projects! I just bought some new 
Ikea tan panels at a garage sale for $1 and I want to try this so badly but I don't know
where I would hang them just yet... Anyways if you want to know how to make these
beautiful panels go and check out her blog!

2. I tried this banana bread recipe from A Chelsea Morning and...

LOVED IT! Seriously I think I ate more than half of it by myself! :o!
I've made banana bread once before but it was way to dry and not that sweet. 
This one is moist and delicious! I found it by Googling: Grandma's Banana Bread Recipe
because I needed a good recipe to use up 3 very ripe bananas I had.
I'm so glad I found it and will continue using it :)

3. Check out this super cute play kitchen that Megan from My Kind of Makeover made...

It's Gorgeous! You really need to check out her blog to see what she made it out of!
I will be on the lookout at Goodwill for pieces of furniture to create something like this!
I've been wanting to buy my daughter a play kitchen but they are expensive!
Well the non plastic ones. I seriously would love to make her one before she turn 15! lol

4. How cool is this starburst mirror? Very cool! 
(yeah I know I'm a dork I answer my own questions and laugh at my own jokes so what?)
Diane from In My Own Style made this super cool mirror...

I really want to make this! I have clothespins and I have a mirror with a broken frame
(thanks to my kids! ) so I really want to make this (before they break the mirror)
 and hang it somewhere like maybe the guest room or my bedroom or the living room! 
Hmm.. maybe I should just make 3!

5. And Last but not Least I am loving my Ray Ban Wayfarer Shades...

and guess what??!! I got them for FREE!! Yup you read that right Free!!
I think thats why I love them even more! :D I went with my mother in law
a couple months back to a LASIK consultation and the Doctor was giving away free
Ray Bans and the consultation was free too! :D yay!! (yes they are real! lol He's one of the best eye surgeons in American I read somewhere so I'm sure he can afford to give away Ray Bans) 
So both my mother in law and I got free Ray Bans and she ended up getting catarat surgery
 and I'm still waiting to get Lasik once I gather up enough courage money. 

So there you have it these are my favorites for the week! :)
I have some projects I've been working on that I will post next week!
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Hope You All have an Awesome Weekend!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my curtains! Your blog is ADORABLE!

    Be sure to enter the giveaway I have going on, ends today and you could win your own stencil to create your own painted curtains!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Cindy-

    Thank you so much for the feature. What a nice compliment. I will add your button to my featured page. Looking through your other features - I love the play kitchen - too cute. My girls would have loved one when they were little.

    My best- Diane


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