June 28, 2011

4th of July Printables

I have been so busy this past week and weekend that I have not even had time to check off anymore projects on my to-do list which means nothing to show you all! :( boo!! But I did make these pretty 4th of July printables for you all and I even got to print them and take pictures for you all (well one picture because like I said I've been busy and didn't take the time to make sure I had some good shots)..

You can use my printables as cupcake toppers or to decorate candy or popcorn bags! :)
We got this yummy popcorn at our local farmers market and I had leftover clear baggies from my daughter's birthday party so I thought this would be perfect for 4th of July! Give them to the kids while watching fireworks or if you are having a party use them to decorate festive cupcakes or candy bags.

Click on the Image and Save to you Computer to Print:

I would love to know if you use my printables and see pictures too!! :)
I made 3 more 4th of July Printables that I will share as a guest post at My World Made by Hand
as part of the Red, White & Blue Roundup! I can't wait to show you so check back here July 4th 
and I will post a link to my printables on her blog! :)

BTW I got my awesome stencil I won from Cutting Edge Stencils through PB&J Stories!
(whom btw I just designed her blog! :D check it out!)
and my free quart of free quart of Glidden paint I can't wait to use these!
I plan on stenciling a wall in my dinning room and painting the guest room closet.
When? IDK maybe when I finish catching up with the loads of laundry I have. lol

Sharing my free printables HERE

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  1. TOO Cute!
    You are LIVE on the GLitter Blog! http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com/2011/06/guest-blogger-cinsarah.html


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