May 20, 2011

Not getting replies to your comments?

Well I learned something new today! Thanks to Sarah from Emmyloubeedoo! I always left comments on other bloggers' blogs but never received replies... and I never knew I could reply to your comments through my e-mail! duh! lol I would just reply sometimes on my blog post. So I started replying to some of you today and as I was replying to your awesome comments I noticed some of you are no-reply comment bloggers too:

So if you would like to get replies to your comments not only from me but from any blogger you leave your awesome comments to, follow these simple steps:

1. Got to your dashboard and click on Edit Profile
2. Check the "show my e-mail address" box
3. Hit Save Profile
And get ready to receive replies to your comments! :)
I am so happy I learned this today so now I can reply to all of your comments!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Great info... now, if only I had blogspot. Lol! Know anything about Wordpress?

  2. Hi Cindy! Just found your site. Thank you for the tip, I just fixed mine! :)

  3. Hi, On the Latex paint, you used a white color?
    Could you use any color with the transparent stain on top or did you choose white b/c of the stain?


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